So the podcast I’ve been listening to lately is This guy lives and breathes fitness! When his podcast episodes mentioned, “The Best Workout To Look Good Naked” you know I had to check out his website!
This is the “Ultimate Efficient Body Weight Workout” Ben recommends:

You can find complete details and science behind this body weight routine…/HIGH_INTENSITY_CIRCUIT_TRAINING_U…. Each exercise is to be performed for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between exercises.

Technically, one round only takes about 7 minutes, but if time permits, you should attempt to do 2-3 rounds. Use good form on every exercise, and, because the focus for this workout is power, try to low yourself slowly, then explode through the work portion of each exercise quickly.
Jumping jacks
Wall sits
Running in place with high knees
Pushups with rotation
Side planks
Sounds like a good Friday-before-coffee workout….just saying 🙂