We know the conversation you are having in your warm bed on these chillier fall mornings..we’ve all had it.  The angel on one shoulder saying, “Last night you said you were getting up early to go to Bootcamp, you said you were turning over a new leaf and were going to Bootcamp every day this week.  You know you’ll feel better after!”  Then there’s the other side, “You are crazy for even thinking about getting up this early!  Why get up just to spend time with those nutty people anyway. You can go to Bootcamp this evening, or tomorrow.  Besides, you deserve a break.”

You deserve to feel better about yourself, to commit to working out, eating healthier, dropping those extra pounds and feeling energized, creating the best version of yourself. Can you imagine how it will feel when your family and friends notice your inspiring transformation?!

Ignore the Darth Vader in you imploring you to come to the dark side…the side that is afraid of changing, telling you how hard it will be to eat out if you start to eat healthier, that no one at work gets up at 5:00 AM to exercise, that you’ve never had a body to be proud of…what makes you think you can change now?

The struggle continues.  Which voice will you listen to?

You know the answer. The side that will win is the one that you give your attention.Thoughts become reality. Shape your destiny by feeling how you will feel after Bootcamp…proud of yourself for working up a sweat, for spending time with friends, for allowing yourself to be yourself with your tribe. Imagine how you will look after you are committed to coming everyday…when waking up early just becomes part of your routine. No thought needed.

It will be a struggle at first, but never give up. Use laser-like focus to reach your goals and call on us, your friends to help support you. We are here for you!