Both Mary Beth and I have many wonderful memories of growing up here in Mt. Airy. Today I’d like to share one of my recollections of my family dinners.

I am the oldest of 6 children and my mother for the most part was a stay-at-home mom who did her best to stretch our family dollar.  Common dinners included beans and rice, meatloaf and potatoes, vegetables from the garden and a favorites…a “hobo” dinner that was a big pot of mostly cabbage and water, a little sausage, potatoes and corn. My mom, like most dutiful mothers of the day, would measure out our portions of the meal and instruct us not to get up until our plates were clean.  Our minimalist portions of meat, starches and occasional breads were not usually a challenge for us.  The vegetables, on the other hand, were a great obstacle especially for my brother, Bobby.  Vegetables often stood between him and his chance to do anything but sit at the kitchen table (where there was no t.v. in the kitchen of course!).  Luckily for him, our devoted Scottish Terrier, Scotia, was there to rescue him with just about anything close to food that was offered to her.  (She earned the name Hoover later in life because she would “hoover up” anything left on the floor….but that’s another story.)  My brother would simply pick the offending vegetable off his plate and hand it to Scotia under the table.  Scotia would lick first, then devour.  Unfortunately for Bobby, there was one thing that Scotia did not like….Brussels sprouts.  Bobby found this out the hard way by offering, proceeded by the licking, followed by a snort and about-face.  Bobby was now left with an offending, dog-licked Brussels sprout. He stood his ground by crying and pouting and sitting at the kitchen table until my mother finally gave in at bed time. Not a happy household…thanks a lot Bobby! :/

Maybe this story is not so unique, maybe you had a Bobby in your family.  Or maybe YOU were like Bobby.  Fortunately for you, I have a recipe today that even Scotia would eat!  These Brussels sprouts are both sweet and crunchy.  My daughter Maria and I devoured 3 lbs of them before lunch last weekend.  I hope you enjoy the recipe below as much as we do.  And you’re welcome Bobby! 🙂

Happy Eating!