Belonging to a group is a basic human need that was essential for our ancestors to survive. Without others, we could not exist. People who feel isolated have poor physical health, their sleep and immune systems suffer, and their life expectancy is reduced. * In this day of social media, many of our physical face-to-face interactions have been replaced with posts, tweets and conference calls, leaving us feeling disconnected.

* Read more on the human need for acceptance

For these last few days of warm weather, let’s make an effort to get connected.

    • Make that call to your family member that you treasure and tell them why!
    • Use those free blank note cards you have stashed away and send someone a note!
    • Find the teacher that made a difference in your life on facebook and let them know
    • Get involved with your community…your tribe. There are community events happening all around this time of year. Invite a friend or a new neighbor to join us on our Corn Maze trip!
    • Schedule a lunch or coffee with someone you many not know well, but that you have something in common.
    • Find a new friend or an old one to join you at Bootcamp! For the month of November, we are having a $49 special for anyone who brings a friend. New friend also receives unlimited bootcamp classes for $49!


Bootcamp 21771 understands the importance of belonging to a group, a tribe of people sharing a common goal. We emphasize small, incremental life-style changes for lasting results….we want you to “Sweat.Smile.Repeat.” In other words, come workout, have fun and keep coming back for more! We welcome all, whether you have never exercised or are looking to take your fitness to the next level. We encourage friendships and bonding by offering Coffee Fridays, social outings and high fives! Come for the exercise, stay for the friendships!

Join our tribe and take the next step to a new you! Call or email us today to get started on your new path!