Bootcamp 21771 promotes a healthy living style both in and outside of class.  In October, we asked you to consider setting the goal of completing the Across the Bay 10K and we offered a free 8 week clinic to the community as well as our bootcampers to prepare. Some bootcampers were a little hesitant about dedicating our Wednesday morning classes to running, but you all stepped up to the challenge!  Our walkers started with walking/running intervals of 1 minute of walking and 4 minutes of running in week 1 and by week 8, our walkers were running for 12 minute intervals!  You are all an inspiration to us, yourselves and your family and friends, and Mary Beth and I couldn’t be prouder!

Congratulations to our bootcampers who Beat the Bridge!

  • Luis Beyer
  • Amy Beyer
  • Peter Beyer
  • Mike Campanile
  • Amy DiGiovanni
  • Kyle Heister
  • Kelli Jenkins
  • Carolyn Langille
  • Rebecca Lignelli
  • Mary Beth Obremski
  • Will Partington
  • Laurien Partington
  • Linda Raper
  • Pat Rockingberg
  • Arden Ruch
  • Amanda Whiteside
  • Brittany Whiteside
  • Tina Whiteside
  • Tom Whiteside

Be sure to give these guys a pat on the back when you see them in class!A great time was had by all and an event you don’t want to miss next year!

December Goal Setting

To continue with that spirit, Mary Beth and I would like you to be considering a goal for yourself to be completed by December 31st. Here are some tips about setting goals:

      1. Set a goal that inspires you.Your goal should be something that you need to reach for, something that will make you proud when you can say, “I did that!”  Choose one and focus on it.

       2. Set a SMART goal

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time Bound. (we’ve got this one covered for you!)

3. Write it down.  We’ll help with that!  We will be writing your goals (with your permission) on a white board that will be displayed during classes. You may also want to post it at work and at home as a reminder of what you are aiming for. Not only is this a reminder, but it keeps you accountable.

4. Make a plan.  What are you going to do daily to reach your goal?

5. Stick to it!  Commit to coming to bootcamp to reach your goal. There’s still time to “Bring a Buddy” this month.  What are friends for?  They give you the tough love or the cheerleader when you need it.