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Confetti Rice Recipe

Our Blog NewsMakes 6 Servings This delicious salad can be a meal by itself. Serve it on a bed of fresh greens to increase the nutrient density of this healthful salad.Ingredients: 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 bunch green onions, sliced 1 cup frozen corn kernels,...

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Autumn Kale Salad

Taken from happyhealthymama.com This Autumn Kale Salad is bursting with sweet roasted vegetables and an incredible dressing that will have you wanting to make it over and over. Author: Happy Healthy Mama Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 45...

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Are your goals worth it?

Bootcamp 21771 promotes a healthy living style both in and outside of class.  In October, we asked you to consider setting the goal of completing the Across the Bay 10K and we offered a free 8 week clinic to the community as well as our bootcampers to prepare. Some...

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