$249 FOR THE


Next Challenge Begins

September 7th!




formation Challenge

Unlimited Bootcamp Classes

1 month Challenge includes all weekday classes and 9:30 AM Saturday classes.  We will get your exercise habits as well as your eating habits a kick start for maximum results!

2 2-hour cooking demos

2- 2 hour workshops demonstrating simple meal prep recipes, demonstrations and samples with Sharon McRae, a plant-based Certified Health Coach and Certified PCRM Food for Life Instructor 

One-on-one nutritional counseling

4 half hour one-one-one nutritional counseling sessions with AFPA Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach where we will tweak your eating plans to meet your individual goals. Weekly weigh-ins and measurements, and before and after pictures.

support! support! support!

Through our socially-focused group exercise for all fitness levels, private Facebook group, weekly meetups and access to counseling on a daily basis, you will not go it alone!

We are looking for 7 more people who want to slim down and tone up (and are ready to put in the effort to make it a reality). You must want at least 3 of the following:

To feel more energy


To Eat REAL Food
Freedom from certain medications*
Not to Feel bloated or constipated

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Support and Accountability


* we recommend you consult with a doctor before discontinuing any medications, but many people have had success following this program and been able to reduce their medications

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results

Have you lost and gained the same 10 pounds over and over?  Our Transformation Challenge is an introduction to a life-style change and follows a whole-food, plant-based diet, the only diet scientifically proven to reverse heart disease.  Studies have shown that a plant-based diet can improve body weight, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, digestion, energy levels and improved feelings of well-being.  Changes, including changes in tastes, happen quickly, within weeks, sometimes even days.

We encourage you to eat all you want, and discourage hunger.  Find out what yummy, nutritious foods you have been missing…there’s a world of colors waiting for you!

Come join us April 3rd for the Kickoff Meeting where we can answer all your burning questions.




“I also wanted to say Thank You! I started the challenge with the one goal of losing weight. I’ve dropped the same 10 pounds every couple of years with WW and thought I was pretty well educated about food choices. I’m ending the challenge (at least the first phase) with so much more! I’m halfway to my weight loss goal but, more importantly, I’ve learned so much more about eating healthy! On WW I learned how to budget my points, but if I had enough points at the end of the day to eat three Oreo cookies, you can bet I wolfed down that over-processed calorie-dense sugary treat with NO regard to nutrition! … I have learned to make nutrition guide my food choices vs empty points!” Lisa Powers

“Just put my big girl panties on & made my 1st ever smoothie! I’ve always invisioned that they would taste like cooked spinach (love raw but cooked is yuck) & the green color was not appetizing at all to me! Ohhhhh….myyyyyy….goodness, I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT IVE BEEN MISSING MY ENTIRE LIFE!! raw spinach, ice & water, splash almond milk, mixed frozen mango, sb & ban, chia seeds (bc I don’t have flax yet) in my just generic style blender.

Shari Naill

“I’ve enjoyed this challenge and look forward to another phase. I’m thinking more about making every meal healthier. Thank you Gina & Marybeth! You’re the best! 🏆” Pam McGlynn

“I’m do happy that I participated in the first Bootcamp Transformation Challenge, “Eat Right Get Tight! in January.  I’ve always exercised and because I did so, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted. Since I paid to participate and it was only 3 weeks long I decided I would give it my all. The nutrition componenet finally clicked with me and I was amazed that I felt better than I ever have before.  I was actually craving fruits and vegetables and my healthy eating was being refelcted on the scale.  The support of Gina and Mary Beth and our closed Facebook group provided the extra incentive I needed as well.  In the 8 weeks since the program ended I have kept up my healthy new habits and am continuing to lose weight.”

Donna Kotula

We Work Together to Reach YOUR Goals

  • Unlimited Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Dance Fusion, Strength 45, Strength 30 and Power Circuits during the Transformation Challenge! You are welcome to attend any and all of our bootcamp classes during the Transformation Challenge. To see our schedule, please go to The Bootcamp Schedule.
  •  Invitation to our Kick-off Workshop on April 3rd 
  •  Four One-on-One Personalized Nutritional Coaching session with our certified Holistic Nutrition Coach
  •  2- 2 hour workshops demonstrating simple meal prep recipes, demonstrations and samples with Sharon McRae, a plant-based Certified Health Coach and Certified PCRM Food for Life Instructor 
  •  Before and after photos 
  •  Weekly weigh-ins 
  • Access to online recipes 
  •  Invitation to join Private Facebook Group including access to live Facebook videos that will be recorded for later viewing 
  •  1 group Grocery Store Tour